What you get:

I offer Naturopathic health appointments for individuals of all ages. Your visit is tailored to fit your needs, but will always include in depth analysis of the problems you present with from a holistic medical perspective. Up to date scientific evidence is combined with traditional therapies to bring you the best of both worlds.


-First visit (Up to 90 minutes) – $150
-Return visit (Up to 60 minutes) – $90
-15 minute consultation to find out if Naturopathic medicine is right for you- FREE!

Sliding Scale:

I do offer a sliding scale for those that request it. We will work together to decide on a price that is reasonable for you.


Insurance is not currently accepted for Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Missouri. I’m hopeful this will change in the future. If you utilize a health savings account (HSA or FSA) to pay for healthcare costs, check with your insurance company about using this account to cover your costs at our clinic.