Give Yourself the Gift of Health

The holiday season is coming to a close and so the conclusion of another year that I hope was filled with laughter, light and love for you. But more realistically, the year was speckled with ups and downs. The month of December can be hard on many people and the season of giving can become quite draining.

Self Care

Many of my clients are caretaker types and can easily get caught in the cycle of giving too much of themselves. Time and time again, I’ve seen this take a major toll on overall health and well being. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, how will you care for others in the best way?

Honestly, many people simply do not know what it means to care for themselves. “Self care” is a popular buzz word right now, but not everyone’s self care looks the same. What is yours? If you aren’t sure, one possible way to conceptualize it is to figure out if you are in need of more “output” or “input”. For example, someone in need of more “output” type self care may benefit from talking to a friend or therapist, singing, screaming into a pillow, going to a dance class (or dancing alone in their living room), drawing or painting, etc. And someone in need of more “input” type self care may benefit from meditation, breathing exercises, reading a new book, taking regular bubble baths, finding a new restaurant, etc.

Take Back Your Health

Many times, our health is the first thing to take a hit when others take priority. This time of year, we are especially susceptible to illness. See my previous blog post about what you can do to prevent the cold and flu this season. But aside from acute illness, chronic issues tend to flare up around this time of year as well. With the new year comes a new opportunity. Give yourself priority.

Special Offer

For the month of January only, I’m offering a 30% discount on a 90 minute initial Naturopathic consultation. This entails a detailed dive into your health history and what you are hoping to accomplish for yourself along with a comprehensive list of recommendations from me. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I aim to guide all my clients into better health so that they may be the best versions of themselves. This journey looks different for everyone, and it takes time. Give yourself the invaluable gift of well deserved time and energy. You deserve it!

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